J&S Shoreline, LLC
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Hartwell, GA 30643
706-426-4235 (FAX)

Hartwell, GA 30643
706-426-4235 (FAX)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where am I on the rip rap list?

We install rip rap by location. We will email you once we are getting close to your area. The good news is we purchased a third barge and it should speed things up a bit.

Do you offer a dock maintenance service to move docks in and out with the water level?

We do not offer this service however, we have some great recommendations.

Do you install rip rap by land?

We do not install rip rap by land. We install ALL rip rap via barge (by water). There will be no damage to your personal property.

Do you install rip rap on other lakes?
We only install rip rap on Lake Hartwell.
Do you stain concrete cart paths?
We no longer offer concrete staining. The Corp requires you to stain the path (black or brown) within 30 days. We are happy to provide recommendations upon request.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, and credit card payments however, there is a 3% additional fee for credit card payments over $800.00.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we require a 25% deposit for all services other than boat lifts. We require a 50% deposit for boat lifts upon order of the lift.
At what lake level can you install rip rap?
The lake level varies from location to location. We assess each site for installation levels.
Do I need Corp approval prior to services being performed?
Yes, you will need to be sure you have a permit in your name on file with the Corp. We will reach out to obtain Corp approval and assist in the Application for Bank Stabilization.
Do you offer underbrushing?
We do not underbrush however, we are happy to provide a great recommendation.
Do you have a storefront?
We do not have a storefront however, we do accept payments at the listed address. There is a locked black drop box in front of the double red gates for payment drop off.
At what lake level can you dredge?

The lake level varies from location to location however, the minimum is typically 8-10 ft below
full pool. Lake Hartwell is a “Dry Dredge” lake only, meaning the lake has to be completely dry in the area you are interested in having dredged for us to assess the job. We cannot dig in the lake at any time.

Can I schedule a meeting to meet with someone on site?

Of course you can! We schedule meetings on Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays if the
estimator is available. We do not work on weekends.

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